Diablo 4 gameplay footage leaked and campaign missions might be optional

Diablo 4 gameplay footage leaked and campaign missions might be optional

Leakers published almost 43 minutes of game footage online

Blizzard Entertainment’s upcoming ARPG Diablo 4’s footage have been leaked through social media platforms a few days ago. While the leaks showed game features and menu options, the latest addition to the leaks is the new screenshots. This time, the screenshots hinted that the campaign can be skipped.

After the game footage went online, leaked images came out this time

The latest four images were posted on Twitter. Before striking them down with copyright claims, the skip campaign feature was spotted. Though it is still unclear whether everyone has access to it or only players who have already completed the campaign once can do so. Previously, test-build footage of Diablo 4 was posted all over the internet. The footage were containing the player’s identities all over the screen. But it seems they simply don’t care. 

The leaked screenshots also pictured six Acts in its campaign. The previous installment of Diablo did not allow players to skip the campaign part. Players need to complete it to head over to the adventure mode. Each time any player created a character, he/she has to go through the same campaign again. Blizzard may have wanted to renovate the system and decided to add a skip option for its campaign. These are all leaks, though it seems to be posted by an in-house person, we cannot confirm what is coming actually. Developers behind Diablo 4 haven’t said anything over the leaks either.

Diablo was first published in 1997 and continued with sequels since then. With three PC titles and one for mobile, Blizzard announced the fourth title of the franchise for Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in 2019. The release date was announced at a later date in 2022. Diablo 4 is scheduled to release in 2023. Currently, the game is in its testing phase, also the players can apply for a chance for beta testing through their official website.

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