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God Of War Ragnarok is rumored to be 40 hours long

God Of War series has become one of the most beloved and acclaimed games of Santa Monica Studio. A recent rumor suggests that the new sequel of the game, God Of War Ragnarok might have twice as much story compared to its 2018 predecessor.

For the second time in the series, God Of War Ragnarok will be based on Norse mythology. Fans will experience Kratos and his son Atreus fighting and challenging all kinds of creatures in an attempt to avoid Armageddon. At some point in the story, we will witness a devastating battle between Kratos and Thor, the god of thunder.

Although Ragnarok was announced back in 2020, we did not receive any major gameplay or story details until 2022. The highly anticipated game was scheduled to release in 2021 but got delayed to 2022.

According to a report from Insider-Gaming,  God Of War Ragnarok could well be 40 hours long. 20 of the total 40 hours will be needed to complete the game’s main story. Insider Gaming revealed, 3 and a half hours of the main 20 hours story camping will contain cinematic scenes. So it is safe to say we will get 16 and a half hours of main story gameplay.

The other 20 hours of the game will be allotted to completing side quests. 19 of those 20 hours will be dedicated to gameplay and 1 hour to cinematic scenes.

Counting all the side quests, God Of War Ragnarok might actually have more than 35 hours of gameplay with 4 and a half hours of cinematic sceness.

Of course, the time required to finish the game will depend entirely on how it is played. If you want to enjoy the story and explore the action-filled world, it will take longer to finish. On the other hand, if you don’t care about the story and speed run the game, you can finish it much sooner.

God Of War Ragnarok is scheduled to release on November 9 this year exclusively on PlayStation 5. A PC release of the game is yet to be formally announced by Sony.

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