Horizon Zero Dawn remaster is reportedly under development along with a multiplayer spin-off

Horizon Zero Dawn remaster is reportedly under development along with a multiplayer spin-of

The remaster of 2017 Horizon Zero Dawn will be coming to PS5

2017’s hit action-adventure RPG Horizon Zero Dawn is reportedly being remastered for PS5. While the remaster is under development, a multiplayer spin-off is also on its way to hit the PC. MP1st spoke with a trusted source who’s been close to the situation revealed the news. The remaster Zero Dawn will come with ‘’accessibility features, graphics modes and quality of life improvements to the gameplay itself.’’

Another co-op Horizon game is under development but the details are unknown.

Though there’s not much we could gather about the game, the leaker says, ‘the remake features an improved lighting system (ambient occlusion, and such), overhauled textures. and better animations, with new character models to match those found in the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West’ to MP1st. However, gamers are debating over the issue if it’s an optimal decision to remaster a game just after five years of its release. Sony’s previous experience with The Last Of Us Part 1 is again provoking the debate as the game was heavily criticized. Bringing a remaster just after nine years of its release raised the tension. But it seems the company is well determined to bring remastered games frequently.

Apart from this, MP1st also revealed Guerilla Game’s plan to bring another Horizon game with Co-op features for PS5 and PC. This could be the third installment of the Horizon franchise that the developer has been planning to release. The game is under development.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action-adventure RPG title developed by Dutch developer Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game was released for PlayStation 4 in 2017. Later, the PC version came out in 2020. Having an addictive story, visuals, and other features altogether, the game was widely accepted. A sequel to the first title namely the Horizon Forbidden West came out last February for PS4 and PS5.

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