Spider-Man 2 Miles Morales Release

Insomniac says Spider-man 2 still on its track for Releasing in 2023

Spider-Man, a very successful game with more than 33 million sales, is getting a sequel. It was first announced around September 2022. Insomniac did not show many updates, but they assured the fanbase that they do not have any problem with the game, but they were holding off information on the latest news of the game for logistical reasons.

The fanbase has some concerns as Sony has a history of pushing back its exclusive releases. These concerns are a bit grounded due to the most recent delay of God of War: Ragnorok.

In September, Sony announced that Spider-Man 2 would be a PS5 exclusive and a promising continuation of Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ story as they would face a new but familiar foe in Venom. Tony Todd, the voice actor of Venom, revealed that the game is “massive.” Spider-Man 2 is smooth sailing on its way to being released next year, and the game is massive, according to the Venom voice actor.

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