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The Sims 5 & Project Rene – Behind The Sims Summit Stream

On Tuesday, 18th Oct 2022, there was a stream held by Electronics art and Maxis. They celebrated 22 years of the iconic Series of The Sims, an iconic life simulation game, and teased everyone on what is about to come next in that Series.

Everything announced during the Behind The Sims Summit Stream:

Project Rene was introduced during the stream. The Project portrayed the next generation of The Sims game. As Project Rene is in very early development and Sims 5 was not explicitly mentioned, the final version of the Project might be completely different.

Viewers in the stream looked at an overhauled build and buy system compared to The Sims’ previous games. The demo showed that customization was very detailed. The customization included a revamped interface which enabled the ability to customize a bed’s base and footboard. The demo also gave a previewed color wheel and patterns instead of swatches, designs, and pre-selected colors for them. It showed separately adjustable pillows for furniture and the ability to move items in a room without modding the game. It looked more like an interface one would use as an interior designer. So it gave a slight rise to the realism of The Sims. The Devs also showed library-sharing features and cross-platform play.

The series ‘Sims 4’ base game is now free on Steam & Origin for PC, PS4, and PS5, as well as Xbox Series X, S, and One. The developers promise to continuously add fresh content to keep the base game alive and fun. The Devs had pledged to release more content for The Sims 4 base game in the future. They showed a glimpse of some concept art for new colorful worlds, rustic new builds, modern clothes, and detailed clutter in the Project.

As of date, we don’t know any specific details about the name of the following title for Project Rene. But the new designation might bring new mechanics to the game centered around infant Sims. We saw a short clip as a wrap-up for their stream, which teased us with a baby wearing diapers babbling and crawling through a living room. The baby stopped and gave an adorable sneeze right before rolling onto its back and being picked up by an adult Sim; this seemed to signal the viewers to more dynamic gameplay around infant Sims- This is more advanced than what Simmers can play on current Sims games.

Also, During the Stream, Maxis Devs announced updates to The Sims FreePlay and The Sims Mobile:

The Simes FreePlay will be releasing a free update around the appearances of preteens, teenagers, adults, and elderly Sims. It will have new accessories and hairstyles across genders. Simmers can look forward to a new narrative for the game’s annual Christmas quest in December. Also, Simmers can expect to have the ability to build and live in a super yacht in 2023.

The Sims Mobile will introduce balconies to its build and buy catalog this holiday season.

The Devs announced a new collaboration with Overwolf, operators of CurseForge, a mod manager and discovery platform for user-generated content. So this will allow Simmers to have a safe space for downloading mods and custom content. Now Simmers will not have to mod the game by watching tutorial videos online, with the added benefit of reducing the risk of clicking a sketchy mod link and downloading a virus instead of the mod.

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