PSVR2 headset

PSVR games won’t be compatible to PSVR 2

Yesterday, Sony stated that the upcoming PlayStation VR 2 would not be compatible to play games from the first generation of PlayStation VR, completely splitting the two systems and locking away a library of games for the older technology.

The anticipated PSVR 2 from Sony has generated a lot of hype and excitement among many VR enthusiasts due to its exceptional features and specifications for the headset, controllers, and even games.

The gaming community may find this revelation upsetting because they will not be able to play their PSVR 1 games on PSVR 2. In addition, it also creates a problem for PSVR game developers to port their games to PSVR2 who had hoped that their games would also work with PSVR2.

It is important to note that if the developers choose to, they may adapt existing PSVR 1 game to function with PSVR 2. This sounds like an annoying problem, yet owners of PSVR 2 will unavoidably have to cope with it. 

Although it is convenient for game creators to upgrade their games to support PSVR 2, it is extremely doubtful that every PSVR 1 title will get this next-gen update.

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