Everywhere: An upcoming open-world video game

Everything is nostalgic whenever you think about games like Grand Theft Auto. This game was like a lifesaver for gaming enthusiasts. To some extent, it still is a lifesaver for so many teenagers worldwide. If you are still feeling thrilled reading about GTA, sit tight!  There is something new coming for you. GTA developer Leslie Benzies co-founded a brand new video game named “ Everywhere” which is being developed by Edinburgh-based Build A Rocket Boy. This game is due to be released in 2023. It is not yet specified on which platforms players will find Everywhere.

Everywhere effortlessly put together gameplay, adventure, creativity and discovery in an ultra-modern multi-world gaming experience. It shows a redefined way how players connect with each other and the digital world around them. It bedims the line between reality and the digital world. If you watch the trailer you will be amazed at how developers put things together.

Everywhere like its name aims to let you go everywhere and do everything you want to do. It is an updated, digitalized and comprehensive version of GTA which is ought to be a GTA killer. Developers indicated that there might be some options where players will be able to reshape the world. Car racing, fighting, gun fighting… Everywhere looks like multiple games in one. 

“Our intent has always been to push the boundaries of what a video game can be while still delivering an innovative player-first experience,” said Benzies, the game’s director and studio chairman.

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