Dune: Awakening – Everything we know!

A new Dune game was announced at Gamescom 2022. It brings the spice-filled dream of Arakkis to an MMO version which will offer open-world survival gameplay.

Dune is one of the most popular and well-known sci-fi book series of all time. It has a huge fanbase all over the world. There are several classic and modern hit movies based on this mighty book. Frank Herbert’s spice-filled world is famous for its thrills and dangers. It’s a unique plot which can force you to experience an exceptional adrenaline rush. It can run through your veins in a split second and can make you fear to think about what’s next! 

Exactly, what is next?  

Now video game fans can experience those dangers in Dune: Awakening, playing with the sands of Arrakis like never before. It seems like gamers will be stepping into Paul Atreides’ Stillsuit.

What’s in the trailer?

“Fear is the mind-killer “- Paul Atreides’  iconic monologue from Frank Herbert’s novels. Paul speaks this monologue while we see two ornithopters flying toward a sandstorm. Then we see a spice harvester get swallowed by a giant sandworm. Paul’s eyes turn blue-within-blue which means he is one of the Fremen. He then jumps off a cliff to ride the sandworm before the trailer fades to black.

With potential customization options, it seems players will be able to select between being a member of the House Atreides or the House Harkonnen. In order to survive Fremen have to wear the Stillsuit which is a special full-body suit that captures all bodily fluids and filters the impurities out. Players will be able to upgrade the Stillsuit in order to increase water retention which is vital to surviving on the sands of Arrakis.

The Dune: Awakening steam page gave us some more clues:

  • Players will need to build shelters against sandstorms, maintain Stillsuit, and master the ancient ways to walk even the deepest deserts. Be aware of giant Sandworms!
  • Look for spice blooms and use your harvester to collect spice as much as you can and protect it from Raiders and Rivals.
  • Upgrade your character to get more powerful abilities. You will have to use your spice to do that. 
  • Explore unmapped sections. Discover Riches and collect those before another sandstorm changes everything.

Since Dune: Awakening is an open-world MMO, It seems like Arrakis will continuously change and shift and those enemies of yours will be the other players playing the game.

Platforms and Release date: 

Dune: Awakening will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox series X/S. There is no release window declared at the moment. But it is rumoured that this game will be released within next year. 

About Developer:

Dune: Awakening is being developed and published by Funcom, a studio best known for another survival game: Conan Exiles. Conan Exiles is set in the world of Conan the Barbarian and tasks you with surviving in the fictional prehistoric age. You create a character and swear allegiance to one of seven religions.

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