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“Google Play For PC” Beta promises to bring Android games to your computer

We’ve got great news for Windows users who want to experience Android games on their PC. Google has officially released Google Play Games for PC beta across many countries including Taiwan, Australia, Hongkong, South Korea, and Thailand.

Users needed to join a waitlist in order to gain access to the beta app when it was first launched. Google finally took the release to the next step and got rid of the waitlist. Currently, everybody living in the aforementioned area can take advantage of the service.

Google Play for PC beta, promises to bring fun Android games to Windows. The beta application can be downloaded directly from Google’s website. You can browse and play mobile games featured in the app. As of today, more than 50 games are available on the platform with many more games in development.

At first glance, it is really hard to say if these games will benefit from desktop architecture as they are all optimized to run on ARM chips on the mobile platform. Nevertheless, some games might enhance the user experience by taking advantage of mouse and keyboard.

Some users might need to head into their BIOS and enable hardware virtualization in order to enjoy Google Play Games app. Google also revealed the minimum requirements to run this new application.

According to Google, you need to have a minimum of 4-core CPU running on Windows 10 paired with Intel UHD Graphics 630 or a comparable GPU. You also need to have 8GB of RAM and 10GB free space on your SSD.

Sadly, there are no words from Google regarding when they intend to do a full global scale release of the Google Play Games for PC app.

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