Horizon Forbidden West Character Sylens

Horizon Forbidden West’s actor leaks new DLC on Twitter

Released in February this year, the newest iteration of the Horizon series, Horizon Forbidden West received high praises from critics and gamers. Despite the success, the action-packed RPG is yet to receive any new DLC.

The Horizon games have quickly become one of the PlayStations’ most popular and exciting franchises. The first Horizon game, Horizon Zero Dawn was so successful that it went on to sell more than 20 million copies worldwide.

Realizing the potential of the series, Sony released the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West. Along with the sequel, a new Netflix show based on Horizon’s story was also greenlit by Sony. Moreover, a VR spin-off of the game is scheduled to be released along with PlayStation VR 2 in 2023

There seems to be even more Horizon-themed content in the pipeline as indicated by the actor Lance Reddick. Lance accidentally teased a new upcoming expansion of Forbidden West via Twitter. 

A few days ago, he posted a tweet with the caption, “Hard at work… in a session for #HorizonForbiddenWest!.”

The actor plays the role of Sylens in the game. He posted a picture of himself with several white dots on his face, implying he was doing some kind of facial scan or motion capturing for Horizon Forbidden West. Reddick quickly deleted the Tweet after it started going viral.

Of course, there is a possibility that Lance is working on the VR game which is supposed to come out sometime in 2023. But fans seem to be quite confident that Lance is working on a new Horizon Forbidden West DLC.

No official statement from Guerilla Games regarding the expansion has been revealed yet. The action-adventure RPG did really well at launch but was completely overshadowed by the release of Elden Ring (the biggest game of this year yet) a week later.

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