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Artemis: PUBG devs new game will feature NFTs and Metaverse

Brendan Greene, one of the PUBG creators, said in an interview with Hit Points that his next game, Artemis, will include NFTs, the metaverse, and blockchain.

“[Artemis] will be a platform that we participate in the maintenance of, maybe,” he explained. “But it’s something that anyone can plug into, and everyone can host a bit of themselves.”

According to reports, Artemis would allow players to create anything they want as part of a big, open world. However, it appears that the project will now include blockchain.

Blockchain is frequently marketed as a method for players to participate in the development of the game, although many creators have spoken out against it, with Minecraft, for example, directly prohibiting the usage of NFTs or blockchain.

Greene isn’t the only developer to venture into the metaverse. Bandai Namco has unveiled a $130 million investment in an upcoming metaverse project. Not to mention Epic Games and LEGO collaborating on a kid-friendly metaverse project. It remains to be seen how the Artemis metaverse will take shape. However, the advent of NFTs and blockchain is unlikely to win over the critics.

The current technology available is not capable enough to develop a game like Artemis. It is currently impossible to develop a 1:1 scale virtual Earth with thousands of people exploring its fully realistic biomes. The technologies necessary to create a functional metaverse mirror of Earth do not yet exist. That is why PlayerUnknown Productions is focused solely on developing Melba, a gaming engine powered by machine learning.

The goal is for Artemis to be a decentralized open-source world that anybody may modify. According to Greene, all of Artemis’ residents will have a stake, with PlayerUnknown Productions ultimately fading into a “maintenance” position to ensure that things operate properly. Greene describes it as a place with a structure but “no real rules.”

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