Magic: The Gathering joins hands with Transformers, a new PC game coming in 2023

Magic: The Gathering joins hands with Transformers, a new PC game coming in 2023

15 double-sided cards with new effects and reimagined art style

MTG’s upcoming expansion The Brothers’ War will feature Transformers characters as Magic: The Gathering cards. Wizards of the Coast has announced the crossover between the two popular titles at Hasbro’s PulseCon 2022. Besides, a new Transformer game will get released on PC and consoles in 2023. Based on the latest Transformer Earthspark TV show, British video game publisher Outright Games Ltd. is reportedly working on an untitled Transformers game.

An overview of the Magic: The Gathering x Transformers Crossover Cards

There will be a total of 15 cards coming in the game. Each card will have two styles namely the G1 1980s-style and the Shattered Glass comics. The latter one is interesting as Autobots are the antagonists while Decepticons are the heroes. The new characters are coming with a vintage look as they weren’t available back then. Because of taking place in a “Universes Beyond”, players can use the cards to play Commander, Legacy, and Vintage formats but not the standard modes. The double-sided cards will have two different effects More Than Meets the Eye and Living Metal. Each side will portray a Transformer in its vehicle form and its robot form.

The Brothers’ War expansion will come in late Autumn. 

There are six revealed cards at this moment. The rest nine will be announced later. 

  1. Optimus Prime, Autobot Leader / Optimus Prime, Hero
  2. Goldbug, Scrappy Scout / Goldbug, Humanity’s Ally
  3. Starscream, Seeker Leader / Starscream, Power Hungry
  4. Soundwave, Superior Captain / Soundwave, Sonic Spy
  5. Flamewar, Streetwise Operative / Flamewar, Brash Veteran
  6. Slicer, High-Speed Antagonist / Slicer, Hired Muscle

Released in 1993, MTG has covered quite a long way and still is dominant. On the other hand, the Transformers franchise began in 1984 by selling convertible toys.

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