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Overwatch 2’s launch met with DDoS attacks, lengthy queues, and disconnects

It looks like Overwatch 2’s launch didn’t really go according to Blizzard’s plan. Mike Ybarra, former president of Blizzard Entertainment acknowledged that the company’s servers are being DDoS attacked by bad actors. He confirmed the news via a Twitter post.

The game started facing connectivity issues immediately after the servers went live on October 4th. Thousands of players were put in a queue in order to play the game. Those who were lucky enough to join were rebooted from the game with an “Unexpected Server Error” message. 

Many players are also facing issues with the cross-progression feature that launched with Overwatch 2the second installment of Overwatch. Players on Blizzard forums said that their accounts have been fully wiped out along with cosmetics and achievements that they earned from playing the original “Overwatch.”

Some players successfully got around the DDoS problem by changing their regional location to Europe or Asia. Players who were fortunate enough to log in and join “Overwatch 2” matches were abruptly booted kicked out to the lobby.

Sadly, DDoS attacks are getting more common nowadays. These annoying attacks are often carried out by people who want to ensue chaos and disruption to the services of popular games. Blizzard in particular has been a victim of some serious DDoS attacks in the pastover the years.

According to Blizzard, all Overwatch 2 players are required to provide a valid “post-paid” phone number in order to play the game. The company claims that this measure is put into place in an effort to stop disruptive players with ill intent and protect the game from cheaters. This silly requirement has become another source of problem aspect of annoyance for many players. 

Currently, the biggest problem Overwatch 2 faces is the simple inability to simply let players log in and play the game. Blizzard is currently at work to fix all the issues. Hopefully, the game will be fixed soon.

Overwatch 2 was launched on October 4. The game is free-to-play and available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game and it also supports cross-play.

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