Rumor of Bioshock 4 set in Antarctica with a female lead leaked on Twitter.

Bioshock is one of the most celebrated and critically acclaimed games of all time. A new upcoming franchise of this series named Bioshock: Isolation has a rumor that it might have a notable connection to the original game. This franchise is developed by studio Cloud Chamber. 

A Twitter user @oopslecks revealed several new bits of info related to this franchise. Recently, he twitted all the news and information he’s received so far about the game. Oops said that he gets “a lot of information from new people, I think it’s mostly bullshit as I can’t confirm anything since I’m no longer in touch with my original source.”

The logo and internal presentation slides come from the 2020 Slack messenger data breach. It is the early stage of the concept and pre-production of the game. Oops says his source confirmed the legitimacy of these images.

You can read his entire thread below.

According to his info Oops say that the game should have been announced at the beginning of this year. The official development announcement of the game was postponed due to reductions of 40 employees in two months inside the studio. the game will run over two cities, Borealis and Aurora. The main character of the game begins as a Soviet slave in Aurora.

I have received confirmation that the game will be based in Antarctica. An open world with a main story that has multiple endings. Allegedly, the theme of aggregate states of water plays a huge role in the plot and lore which will be more extensively revealed through side quests.

The narrative is largely built around refugees. The city has become a haven for people who have left Rapture. There are really two cities, the upper Borealis, and the lower one — Aurora, named after the cruiser, that played an iconic role in the Communist Revolution in the Russian Empire, hiding under the layers of ice. In the course of the story, you enter the prosperous city of Borealis. Your goal is to unite two cities.

They assure fans that the game will not massively alter the themes and mechanics of the games that players have come to expect from the series.

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