The Callisto Protocol: An Upcoming Horror Survival Game

Is the horror survival genre the mental food for you?  Do u like to explore dangers and uncertainties? Did u like Dead space?  If so, you have something coming to make your heart beat faster. The Callisto protocol is going to get you covered. 

What’s in the trailer?  

A prisoner wakes up hearing unusual sounds. He then gets attacked by a deadly mutant. We see the protagonist exploring carefully and getting into fights with Aliens and mutants.

Game plot & Gameplay :

Black Iron prison is built on the dead moon called Callisto on planet Jupiter which is actually present in the real world. It is built by the United Jupiter company. This game will take you to the future in 2320. Almost 300 years from now.  

You will be the protagonist Jacob Lee who is trapped inside Black Iron prison.  Your goal will be to get out from there while uncovering the real truth about the prison and the company.  Dangers are waiting for you every second.  You will be fighting against aliens, mutants and deadly monsters. You have to kill them faster as they can grow stronger with time. They will mutate themselves into dangerous forms within split seconds. So you will have to be careful and attentive to details. Reveal the ugly truth, explore and get out! 

Platforms and Release Date: 

The Callisto Protocol will be available on PS4, PS5,  Xbox One, Xbox X/S and PC. It will be released on December 2, 2022.

About Developer :

This game is developed by Striking Distance Studios which is a newly formed game development company. The studio is led by veteran Glen Schofield.  Scofield is known for developing the famous game named Dead Space. The Callisto Protocol will be the studio’s first game.  

It will be published by Krafton, which is best known for PUBG. At first, this game was about to be included in the PUBG Horror Universe. But now it will be launched separately. 

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