hitman 3 new game mode

Details regarding Hitman 3: Freelancer mode have been revealed in an official video

Developer IO Interactive has posted a video on their YouTube channel revealing the gameplay and how-to guide of their new game mode, Hitman 3: Freelancer, which is set for release on January 26. Fans are excited about the new game mode as they will be able to get the feel of a rough assassin who plans his attack carefully on how to take down enemies.

There will be a closed technical test of the game mode, which will run from November 3 to November 7. The company only promises that some players will be invited after their sign up for the test. Moreover, During the technical test, the mode will be available as a separate game on steam. You can only access it if you receive an invitation code from the official site. 

As for the details of the Freelance mode itself, you will be operating from a safehouse, planning your missions. As you start as a freelancer, you might find yourself in hostile territories, and at other times, the place could be completely safe. You have to choose four syndicate leaders whom you have to assassinate in showdowns. Each syndicate mission will require a different playstyle approach. Since there are minimal preparations and inventory choices, players must adapt to the situation and maintain cover. You have to make your way to the syndicate leaders by eliminating the mobs they hire, which will take a lot of work. You will lose half of your money and all equipment if you get hurt or fail to track down the leaders. When you complete an optional payout objective, you get mercers, a currency you can trade for guns and equipment. 

It’s important to mention that invited players will have to download 60GB of files. The global preload date for the technical test is one day before its release, which starts on November 3rd, 6 AM and ends on November 7th, 8 AM (PST).

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