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Half of Capcom’s sales are now on pc, as planned by the developers

The Japanese game-developing company Capcom has released some pretty successful AAA games in recent years. In October 2021, the company showed interest in making PC its primary platform by 2022 or 2023. Looking at their latest financial results, it seems they have successfully achieved that goal. 

In a Q&A session with the developers, the pc percentage of total sales came into question. The company said that the pc sales are at “Approximately 50%, with primarily catalog title sales growing.” Catalog titles refer to previously released games that continue to sell. After the release of Resident Evil Village, Capcom didn’t have any other major titles, which led to the company’s decline in the first half of this fiscal year, which was revealed by the company’s Q2 report.

In the first half of the 2020’s fiscal year, the company sold 11 million catalog units, which was 79.3% of the company’s total sales. Interestingly, the percentage of catalog sales dropped to 66.7% in 2021 same period, even though the sales of catalog units increased to 13.2 million. This sudden percentage drop in catalog sales happened due to the successful launch of Resident Evil Village. However, Capcom sold 16.1 million catalog units this year, which amounted to 75.4% of the total sales, almost catching up to the 2020’s fiscal year. 

Furthermore, Capcom’s digital sales were at 91.5%, amounting to 9.12 million units after half of this fiscal year, while it was only 70.2% the previous year. Since PC games are mostly sold digitally anyway, they might have sold around 4.8 million pc games during this period, as PC sales stood at 50%. The company expects digital sales to be at 90% of the total sales next year. This reflects the company’s plan to shift further to PC-centric projects. Especially their massive success in the game Monster Hunter World has already established that the developers are on the right track.

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