Ji-Won Choi is honored for Lies of P being compared to Bloodborne

Xbox showcased Lies of P’s amazing trailer at Gamescom last month which became one of the highlights of the event. Soulslike has become a huge subgenre of gaming thanks to Hidetaka Miyazaki and his spectacular games. Soon the Souls enjoyer crowd picked up the trailer and started to talk about how similar the trailer looks to one of the most amazing Playstation exclusive games ever made; Bloodborne.

Journalists could play and capture footage of Lies of P on that day in the Xbox booth following the Game Pass release announcement. Folks from GameReactor managed to arrange an interview with the director of Lies of P; Ji-Won Choi and in that interview he expressed,

“We never expected this much interest and the love that we are getting right now”, admits Ji-Won with his hand on his heart via representative Jiyoon Shin’s interpretation in the video below.

So, we are of course touched, but at the same time we feel very bad for the people that have to wait for hours in line and maybe they have to leave without playing, but that also motivates us to make a better game.

Soon the interviewer asked about his feelings about many people categorizing the game as “Bloodborne meets Pinocchio”, he responded: “I am myself a very big fan of Bloodborne”, then the director added, “So I’m feeling so honored for just being called together with the name of Bloodborne with my art. So I am very honored”.

In the trailer and demo gameplay that journalists were able to play, the game felt polished but Round 8; the team behind the game still has a lot more polishing and bug fixing to do before the game goes gold:

“We are really suffering without sleep to really bring it to the fans”, Ji-Won smiled but at the same time looked a little worried about the potential crunch. “We also appreciate all the love for the Xbox Game Pass one. We are at a stage of 70% (hinting at the amount of work that has been done so far). So, in the demo version, you can experience two chapters and there will be seven more chapters that you will discover in the full version. We are expecting not to pass summer of 2023, so we expect to show it to the fans before the summer”.

If everything goes alright, we will be able to treat ourselves to another enjoyable victorian brutal combat RPG or adventure game.

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