Team Ninja Announced New Open World Samurai Game: Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin, a new open world Samurai game is set to release in 2024. It will have wonderful features that surely will impress the combat and RPG lovers. It will probably be available for PlayStation5.

In the Debut trailer uploaded on the channel of PS5, it reveals the setting is on 1863- a darkest period of Japan; when it took everything for the common people just to survive. The trailer shows many modern buildings and US flags. That reminds of the time when Japan opened their borders for the West for the first time in 200 years. Also, it was the decade when the Edo period ended.

Ronin is a free agent. Exiled from his clan, he is free from any masters and bonds; set on a quest to find other Ronins scattered around Japan and create an army who will rise against the former clan. Their motto is to save the humanity from oppressions.

The game will be a huge interest for the combat loving gamers. There will be swords, bow and arrows including fire weapons. Players will also be able to customize their characters into samurai or ninja, costumes and play styles.

Beside the main goal, there will be other side missions to earn additional game points. The players will also be able to roam around the countryside and villages of the setting.

If everything falls into pieces just like its announcement, the world will enjoy a challenging combat game in the new open world atmosphere. So, keep an eye on this one.

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