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Famous modder in work to bring all Unreal Engine games to VR

Virtual Reality or in short VR is the most fun and immersive way to play video games. Players can physically move their bodies around to control their character in the virtual world. VR can make even simple games more enjoyable and wondrous.

Devoted people are working relentlessly to introduce VR experience in older games. Half-Life 2, Skyrim, and Valheim all recently got VR modes thanks to tireless effort by the developers.

A universal mod that could bring Virtual Reality to almost all games running on Unreal Engine is currently being worked on. This new VR mod could potentially support newer as well as older games using UE4 architecture. A video was released showcasing VR to popular games like Stray and True Colors with 360-degree views and free movement.

The mod was previously worked on by a programmer called Gabriel Pizarro who goes by TheNewJavaman. Gabriel left the project for personal reasons and another legendary modder Praydog took over the project.

Praydog is well known for his excellent VR port for Resident Evil. He has been working on that VR framework from Resident Evil to make it work with all other Unreal Engine games. Although official release date is yet to be announced, the work looks really promising. You can have a look at the work in progress in the video below.

Better still, Praydog decided to leave this universal mod open so others can tweak and develop it to the full extent. It is quite astonishing to see the amazing feats gaming community can pull off while they work together.

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