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Rockstar Games confirms GTA 6 leaks!

After suffering from one of the biggest security breaches in the gaming industry, Rockstar has finally confirmed the authenticity of the leak.

A statement from Rockstar Games that had been published on Twitter said, “early development footage” was illegally accessed and downloaded from their systems.

On September 18, a hacker by the name of “teapotuberhacker” released more than 80 videos showcasing GTA 6’s gameplay and early development models. He allegedly claimed access to Rockstar’s data by breaching the internal feed on the slack messaging app.

The hacker who is thought to be linked with the hacking of ride-sharing company Uber tried to negotiate with Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive to try and settle for an undisclosed amount of money.

Rockstar claims the data breaches won’t have any long-term effect on the development of the game but many have their doubts. Last time a data breach of Half-life 2 resulted in the game to be delayed by more than a year.

Rockstar is currently unwilling to share details on what exactly was leaked in the data breach.

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