New steam chart with steam logo overlay

Valve replaces Steam’s old stats page with real-time charts

Valve recently updated the Steam Top 100 page with a more detailed real-time chart showcasing both top-selling and most played games at the same time.

The new “Steam Charts” page can display much more detailed and accurate information than the old “Steam Stats” one. Along with top-selling and most played games, Steam Charts can accurately display the number of players online along with peak online players.

comparing old steam stats page with new steam chart
New Steam Chart Page (Left) vs Old Steam Steam Stats Page (Right)


The old Stats page mainly focused on top games by counting the number of active players from time to time. According to Valve, the new system is much more sophisticated. Top-selling games are now ranked based on total revenue, including in-game microtransactions and DLC purchases.

If you look at the chart now, you will find the new system in action. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, a paid game currently sits on the top of the top-selling chart along with Apex Legends, a free-to-play game in third place. Cyberpunk is in fourth place following a surge of players thanks to a new update and Netflix show.

Users can also sort out games based on weekly and monthly top sellers. Both gamers and video game developers can benefit from this new system.

Gamers can decide which game to buy based on top-sellers and developers can find out which genre is doing well. The game makers may decide to fund a game that they previously didn’t think to fund.

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