A screenshot of UFO sighting in GTA online

Grand Theft Auto Online Halloween event brings UFOs, scary masks, and much more

GTA Online’s Halloween event is back again for another year! From UFO sightings to collecting jack-o-lanterns, this Halloween update has brought many exciting features to the world of GTA Online.

Yesterday, we got a Tweet from Rockstar Games announcing that players will get a chance to see and document unidentified aircraft all over the sky of Los Santos. Players will receive GTA $ by snapping images of all UFO sightings.

Many more Halloween activities will remain active in GTA Online, along with UFO sightings. For instance, Rockstar Games announced in a blog post that hundreds of jack-o-lanterns will spawn across southern San Andreas.

If players are able to discover 10 of these lanterns, they will receive $50,000 GTA$ along with a free Horror Pumpkin mask. Rockstar also said gamers who can uncover all the jack-o-lanterns in a single day would receive “rare items” and more bonus GTA $.

Moreover, players have the opportunity to collect a trio of special masks by simply completing different in-game tasks. You will get the Conquest mask free by logging into GTA Online this week.

Players will receive a brown Vintage Frankmask by signing up as a bodyguard or associate for an organization. Those who complete a special cargo sell mission will be rewarded with the Dark Green Vintage Vampire mask.

Rockstar Games released a special adversary mode called Judgement Day for the Halloween update.

The end is nigh in Judgement Day, a new Adversary Mode that pits a small team of powerful Riders against a vulnerable group of Hunted in a kill-or-be-killed, hide-and-seek scenario. The Hunted need only worry about surviving through dawn.

Rockstar described the event in its Newswire.

The original Slasher adversary mode and special Halloween vehicles also returned to GTA Online for the event. Playing the adversary mode will reward players with double the usual RP and GTA $. 

The event started on October 6 and will last till November 1. Rockstar is likely to add even more Halloween-themed items in the upcoming weeks.

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