The Bird That Drinks Tears character focused

PUBG developers unveiled a concept trailer for a game based on The Bird That Drinks Tears novel

The Bird That Drinks Tears; a fantasy tale based in Korea, is the subject of a new concept teaser from PUBG developer Krafton.

According to the developer Krafton, the teaser “illustrates what viewers may expect from upcoming entertainment projects based on the IP” and “directs the visual and tonal directions of multiple multimedia projects based on the novel The Bird That Drinks Tears”. 

Krafton says that they’ve been working with the concept artist Iain McCaig to develop the world’s aesthetics, and they also have plans to adapt it into a graphic novel and a movie. McCaig had previously worked on the Star Wars franchise.

In August, Krafton revealed that they were creating a game based on the book and that they were hiring developers to work on the project under the name Team Windless. It is still unknown when or if there will be something more substantial to see in the future but releasing this concept trailer is definitely an effort to attract more talent to the studio.

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